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I’m only posting this as a sort of trial run- this by no means is complete or polished yet, but since I’ve finally reached the “finished writing it” milestone I wanted to share what I had so far. 

This particular story took over six months to write. I struggled with it for a really long time, deleting and rewriting and reworking it until I got the muse for it again. I probably abandoned it for three or four of those months before coming back to it yesterday and writing until it was done. 

There’s a lot of plot missing to this, and it’s meant to be open ended, so if you want to know the end I can’t actually tell you anything concrete- after all I myself am not completely satisfied with the writing or the story at all. 

It would be really rad if you guys could let me know what you think, or tell me what’s missing. I know of one particular element that I will be adding to as soon as I decide to come back to this, but I also want to know if there’s anything I’m not paying attention to? 

I feel like I’m building this up when it’s really just a crappy, horrible, aruani au. I just want to explain I wrote this for me which was the best decision I ever made. 

But anyways: There were many post-crystal AUs and I decided to add my own (not) plausible one to the mix and I found it was the most fun to write! Most of this was written before Erwin even lost his arm so there are some details I need to correct, but other than that the AU is still… canonically correct? 

I thought it was fun to write so I wanted to share it here before posting it to archive or fanfic.net. 

SoO YEAH OKAY SORRY FOR TALKING SO MUCH I just really enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoy it too :^) 

Untitled Aruani Crap AU 

Word Count: 7,300 

Rated: M for mature themes, no smut 

"a lover’s bite is gentle

but alas

her teeth were sharp”

She is marched like a soldier, a salute by fitted chains across her back and posture tall and proud. Her feet drag across the pavement and her paper skin is seared in the sun. The light brings pain and she winces at its eager touch. 

There is an aisle of soldiers, comrades awaiting her. They line up on either side of the street. She bares her teeth, animal amongst men, chaos amongst order. She hears a snide remark from the Captain behind her. She doesn’t care. The former Female Titan walks between the brothers and sisters of the people she’s killed. 

Their eyes are full of hate. 

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an annie and a mikasa rper discuss fics of their characters.

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my heart just swells with pride when i see my daughter. like. yes. look at her. look at her none of you deserve her. i love this child hh h h h

ANN I E ! !!

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sunny reblogging a photoset of bert just for the annies in them is the most sunny thing i’ve seen in a while.

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Sees just a couple small shots of annie from the new ova and almost break down in tears in line in a mcdonalds

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